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M.Caserta, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Spagano

Why lot: how sortition came to help representative democracy

Under Review (2019)

arXiv:1712.04194 [physics.soc-ph]



G.Inturri, M.Le Pira, N.Giuffrida, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda and R.D'Angelo

Multi-agent simulation for planning and designing new shared mobility services

Research in Transportation Economics, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.retrec.2018.11.009 (2019)



A.Pluchino, G.Burgio, A.Rapisarda, A.E.Biondo, A.Pulvirenti, A.Ferro, T.Giorgino

Exploring the Role of Interdisciplinarity in Physics: Success, Talent and Luck

Under Review (2019)

arXiv:1901.03607 [physics.soc-ph]



P.Sobkowicz, R.H.Frank, A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino and A.Rapisarda

Inequalities, chance and success in sport competitions: simulations vs empirical data

Under Review (2019)



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, L.Barbarossa, G.Barreca, I.Caliò, F.Martinico, A.Rapisarda

A new integrated methodology for the seismic assessment of urban areas

Under Review (2019)

arXiv:1901.04335v1 [physics.geo-ph]



A.Greco, C.Tsallis, A.Rapisarda, A.Pluchino, G.Fichera, L.Contrafatto

Acoustic emissions in compression of building materials: q-statistics enables the anticipation of the breakdown point

Under Review (2019) 

preprints.org > engineering > civil engineering > 201901.0091.v1



A.Pluchino, A.E.Biondo, A.Rapisarda

Exploring the role of talent and luck in getting success

Acta Physica Polonica B Vol.12 N.1 (2019) 

arXiv:1811.05206 [physics.soc-ph]



A.Greco, F.Cannizzaro, A.Pluchino

Automatic evaluation of plastic collapse conditions for planar frames with vertical irregularities

Engineering with Computers (2019) 35:57-73




M.Consoli and A.Pluchino

Michelson-Morley experiments: an enigma for physics and the history of science

World Scientific (2019) https://doi.org/10.1142/11209



G.Inturri, N.Giuffrida, M.Ignaccolo, M.Le Pira, A.Pluchino and A.Rapisarda

Testing demand responsive shared transport services via agent-based simulations

in "New Trends in Emerging Complex Real Life Problems" Vol.1 pp 313-320 Springer, Cham (2018)


ISBN: 978-3-030-00472-9



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, F.Cannizzaro, I.Fiore

Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for limit analysis of frames structures

Proocedings of 6th International Conference on Engineering Optimization (2018) In press

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-97773-7_65



A.Pluchino, A.E.Biondo, A.Rapisarda

Talent vs Luck: the role of randomness in success and failure

arXiv:1802.07068 [physics.soc-ph]



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, F.Cannizzaro

An improved Ant Colony Optimization algorithm and its applications to limit analysis of frame structures

Engineering Optimization (2018) In press



L.S. Di Mauro, A. Pluchino, A.E.Biondo

A Game of Tax Evasion: evidences from an agent-based model  

Under Review (2018)

arXiv:1809.08146 [q-fin.GN]



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, S.Caddemi, I.Caliò, F.Cannizzaro

On profile reconstruction of Euler-Bernoulli beams by means of energy based genetic algorithm

Engineering with Computers (2019) 




M.Consoli, A.Pluchino

Cosmic Microwave Background and the issue of a fundamental preferred frame

European Physical Journal Plus, 133:295 (2018)

DOI: 10.1140/epjp/i2018-12136-5 

arXiv:1801.03775 [physics.gen-ph]



A.Fichera, A.Pluchino, R.Volpe

Physica A 508, 710-725 (2018)

arXiv:1705.09803 [physics.soc-ph]



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, L.Barbarossa, I.Caliò, F.Martinico, A.Rapisarda

A simplified model based on self-organized criticality framework for the seismic assessment of urban areas

Proceedings of SER4SC Seismic and Energy Renovation for Sustainable Cities

arXiv:1711.03391 (2018)



M.Le Pira, N.Giuffrida, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Exploring demand responsive shared transport services under different vehicle dispatching rules via agent-based simulations

Under Review (2018)


A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Modelling surveys effects in political competitions

Physica A 503, 714-726 (2018) 

arXiv:1711.02765 [physics.soc-ph]


M.Consoli, A.Pluchino

The classical Michelson-Morley experiments: a new solution to an old problem

Atti dell'Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti - Vol.96, No.S1, A2 (2018) 



A.Greco, F.Cannizzaro, A.Pluchino

Limit analysis of planar frame structure under seismic load through immune algorithms

Under Review (2018)



A.Greco, A.Pluchino, F.Cannizzaro, S.Caddemi, I.Caliò

Closed-form solution based genetic algorithm software; application to multiple cracks detection on beam structures by static tests

Applied Soft Computing 64, 35-48 (2018)

arXiv:1701.06432 [cs.CE]



A.Greco, D.D'Urso, F.Cannizzaro, A.Pluchino

Damage identification on spatial Timoshenko arches by means of genetic algorithms

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol.105 p.51-67 (2018)



M.Le Pira, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino

Dealing with the complexity of stakeholder interaction in participatory transport planning

in "Advanced Concepts, Methodologies and Technologies for Transportation And Logistics"

Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (2018)

DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-57105-8



M.Le Pira, E.Marcucci, V.Gatta, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino

Research in Transportation Economics 64, 13-25 (2017)

doi: 10.1016/j.retrec.2017.08.002




Disuguaglianze e crescita economica: pensiero globale e responsabilità individuale

in "Economia ed Etica: il dialogo necessario per il bene della Casa Comune" a cura di Francesco Brancato, Quaderni di Synaxis n.7 (2017) Studio Teologico S.Paolo Catania



M.Le Pira, E.Marcucci, V.Gatta, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, A.Pluchino

Eur. Transp. Res. Rev. (2017) 9:54, DOI 10.1007/s12544-017-0268-2


A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo

Abbiamo vinto l'Ig Nobel (con il Principio di Peter) - Scienza, Caso e Humor 

MALCOR'D Edizione 2017 - ISBN 9788897909323



E.Marcucci, M.Le Pira, V.Gatta, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino

Transportation Research Part E-Logistics and Transportation Review (2017) Vol.103, Pages 69-86 doi.org/10.1016/j.tre.2017.04.006



A.Greco, F.Cannizzaro, A.Pluchino

Seismic collapse prediction of frame structures by means of genetic algorithms

Engineering Structures 143, pp. 152-168 (2017)

arXiv:1609.09411 [physics.soc-ph]



M.Le Pira, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino

Modelling consensus building in Delphi practices for participated transport planning

Transportation Research ProcediaVol. 25, 3729–3739 (2017)


arXiv:1511.06127 [physics.soc-ph]  



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Informative Contagion Dynamics in a Multilayer Network Model of Financial Markets

Italian Economic Journal, Springer 2017

DOI 10.1007/s40797-017-0052-4



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

A multilayer approach for price dynamics in financial markets

Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 226, 477–488 (2017)

arXiv:1606.09194 [q-fin.TR]

DOI: 10.1140/epjst/e2016-60197-4



M.Le Pira, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Finding shared decisions in stakeholder networks: an agent-based approach

Physica A 466 (2017) 277-287

arXiv:1604.05600 [physics.soc-ph]



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

A multilayer model of order book dynamics

Journal of Network Theory in Finance 2(3), 1-16, 2016

DOI: 10.21314/JNTF.2016.021



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino

The classical ether-drift experiments: an enigma for physics and history of science

Società Italiana degli Storici della Fisica e dell’Astronomia: Atti del XXXIII Convegno annuale / Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Conference, 2016

ISBN 9788869520488



M.Le Pira, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Modelling stakeholder participation in transport planning

Case Studies on Transport Policy

Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 230–238 (2016)




10 Pillole di Complessità - Una guida per capire la rivoluzione scientifica in corso 

MALCOR'D Edizione 2016 - ISBN 978-88-979-0926-2



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino

The Idea of a Stochastic Space–Time: Theory and Experiments

in "Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: the Emergence of Space, Time and Quantum"

World Scientific (2016) ISBN: 978-1-78326-831-3



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Order Book, Financial Markets and Self-Organized Criticality

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 88 (2016) 196-208, doi:10.1016/j.chaos.2016.03.001

arXiv:1602.08270 [q-fin.TR]



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Cosmic Background Radiation and "ether-drift" experiments

Europhysics Letters, 113 (2016) 19001

arXiv:1601.06518 [astro-ph.CO]



A.E.Biondo, A.Giarlotta, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Perfect Information vs Random Investigation: Safety Guidelines for a Consumer in the Jungle of Product Differentiation

PLoS ONE 11(1): e0146389 (2016) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0146389

arXiv:1507.01458 [physics.soc-ph]



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino

Il Vuoto - Un enigma tra fisica e metafisica

ARACNE Editrice 2015 - ISBN 978-88-548-8787-9


M.Le Pira, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino

Analysis of AHP Methods and the Pairwise Majority Rule (PMR) for Collective Preference Rankings of Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Transportation Research Procedia

Volume 10c, Pages 852–862 (2015)




La Firma della Complessità - Una passeggiata al margine del caos

MALCOR'D Edizione 2015 - ISBN 978-88-979-0917-0



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Modelling Financial Markets by Self-Organized Criticality

Physical Review E 92, 042814 (2015)



M.Le Pira, G.Inturri, M.Ignaccolo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Simulating opinion dynamics on Stackeholders' networks through agent-based modelling for collective transport decisions

Procedia Computer Science

Volume 52, Pages 884–889 (2015)



M.Caserta, C.Garofalo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Spagano

Modelli Matematici di Parlamento e Democrazia Partecipativa

Aracne Editrice, ISBN 978-88-548-7425-1, pagg. 99-110 (2014)

pubblicato negli Atti conclusivi del Progetto Jean Monnet:

New Strategies for Democratic Development and Political Integration in Europe



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Micro and Macro Benefits of Random Investments in Financial Markets

Contemporary Physics 2014, Vol.55 Issue 4 

DOI: 10.1080/00107514.2014.929308

arXiv:1405.5805 [q-fin.GN]



M.Consoli and A.Pluchino

Gravity as an emergent phenomenon: experimental signatures

arXiv:1311.4301 [gr-qc] 2014



D.A.Zappalà, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Selective altruism in collective games

Physica A 410 (2014) 496–512

arXiv:1401.3946 [physics.soc-ph] 



M.Consoli and A.Pluchino

A physical random signal in ether-drift experiments

Proceedings of the "13th Marcel Grossman Meeting MG13"

World Scientific, Singapore 2014



A.Pluchino, C.Garofalo, G.Inturri, A.Rapisarda, M.Ignaccolo

Agent-based simulation of pedestrian behaviour in closed spaces: a museum case study

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 17 (1) 16 (2014)

arXiv:1302.7153 [physics and society] 



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Tudisco

The vacuum as a form of turbulent fluid: motivations, experiments, implications

Physica A 394 (2014) 61–73

arXiv:1204.6157v1 [physics.gen-ph]



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, D.Helbing

Reducing Financial Avalanches by Random Investments

Physical Review E 88, 062814 (2013)

arXiv:1309.3639 [q-fin.GN]



M.Le Pira, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, C.Garofalo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Agent-Based Modelling of Stakeholder Interaction in Transport Decisions

Selected Proceedings WCTR RIO (2013)

ISBN: 978-85-285-0232-9



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, D.Helbing

Are random trading strategies more successful than technical ones?

PLoS ONE (2013) 8(7): e68344. DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0068344

arXiv:1303.4351 [q-fin.ST]



M.Consoli, C.Matheson, A.Pluchino

The classical ether-drift experiments: a modern re-interpretation

Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2013) 128: 71 - DOI 10.1140/epjp/i2013-13071-7

arXiv:1302.3508 [physics.gen-ph]



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

The beneficial role of random strategies in social and financial systems

Journal of Statistical Physics (2013) 151:607-622 - DOI: 10.1007/s10955-013-0691-2

arXiv: 1209.5881 [physics.soc-ph]



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Tsallis

Noise, Synchrony and Correlations at the Edge of Chaos

Physical Review E 87, 022910 (2013)

arXiv:1206.2152v1 [cond-mat]



A.E.Biondo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Return Migration after Brain Drain: a Simulation Approach

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (JASSS) 16 (2) 11

arXiv:1206.4280v1 [physics.soc-ph] (2013)

Link to OPEN-ABM simulation

Brain Drain Home Page



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo, S.Spagano, M.Caserta

L'Efficienza del Caso

Le Scienze. Ed. italiana di Scientific American, 533 (2013) 86

- Editoriale del numero di gennaio 2013 del direttore M.Cattaneo



M.Caserta, C.Garofalo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Spagano

Democrazia a Sorte. Ovvero la sorte della democrazia.

MALCOR'D Edizione 2012 - ISBN 978-88-97909-01-9

Scarica l'introduzione



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda e C.Garofalo

Reti e Gerarchie: meritocrazia ed efficienza

in "Sistemi, Modelli, Organizzazioni. Management e Complessità" (a cura di Ignazio Licata)

Ed. Corisco 2012 - ISBN 978-88-98138-02-9



D.Mascali, S.Tudisco, N.Gambino, A.Pluchino, A.Lanzalone, F.Musumeci, A.Rapisarda, A.Spitaleri

Prompt electrons driving ion acceleration and formation of a two temperature plasma in nanosecond laser-ablation domain

Europhysics Letters 100 (2012) 45003

arXiv:1112.1235v2 [physics.plasm-ph]



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo

Meglio scegliere a caso

Come sopravvivere in un mondo complesso adottando strategie casuali

Psicologia Contemporanea, Novembre-Dicembre 2011



A.Pluchino, C.Garofalo, A.Rapisarda, S.Spagano, M.Caserta

Accidental Politicians: How Randomly Selected Legislators Can Improve Parliament Efficiency

Physica A 390 (2011) 3944–3954

Page with more information and links about this paper

Convegno "Democrazia a Sorte: quali scenari possibili?" - 21/07/2016-Montecitorio (Roma)



M.Consoli, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Basic Randomness of Nature and Ether-drift Experiments

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 44 (2011) 1089-1099



C.Garofalo, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Contrastare gli effetti del Principio di Peter tramite l'adozione di strategie casuali

Quaderni di Management N.52 - Luglio-Agosto 2011



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo

Efficient Promotion Strategies in Hierarchical Organizations

Physica A 390 (2011) 3496–3511



R.Le Moli, A.Pluchino, V.Muscia, C.Regalbuto, B.Luciani, S.Squatrito, R.Vigneri

Graves’ orbitopathy: extraocular muscle/fat ratio in the orbit is positively related to the Clinical Activity Score (CAS)

European Journal of Ophthalmology. 2011 Jul 20. pii: 09D05CE9-5CD5-4465-AA46-5791177510F5. doi: 10.5301/ejo.5000018



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo

The Peter Principle Revisited: A Computational Study

Physica A 389 (2010) 467-472

Java Applet

Links that cite the paper

Ig-Nobel Prize 2010 for Management



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Garofalo

Le insidie del Principio di Peter - Strategie per evitare i rischi di una meritocrazia ingenua

Psicologia Contemporanea, Maggio-Giugno 2010



S. Caprì, C.Garofalo, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Tudisco

Agent - based simulation of pedestrian behaviour

Proceedings XVI International Conference SIDT 2009, Maggioli Editore, p.79-84



D.Buscema, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Santoro, S.Tudisco

The impact of real time information on transport network routing through Intelligent Agent Based Simulation

Proceedings to TIC-STH Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics. IEEE Xplore - C.N.: CFP0956G CDR - ISBN: 978-1-4244-3878-5/09, p.72



F.Camillen, S. Caprì, C.Garofalo, M.Ignaccolo, G.Inturri, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, S.Tudisco

Multi agent simulation of pedestrian behavior in closed spatial environment

Proceedings to TIC-SENCS Symposium on Engineered and Natural Complex Systems-Modeling, Simulation and Analysis. IEEE Xplore - C.N.: CFP0956G CDR - ISBN: 978-1-4244-3878-5, p.375



G.Miritello, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Central Limit Violation in the Kuramoto model at the 'Edge of Chaos'

Physica A 388 (2009) 4818-4826



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Tsallis

On "Ergodicity and Central Limit Theorem in Systems with Long-Range Interactions"

Europhysics Letters 85 (2009) 60006



G.Miritello, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Phase Transitions and Chaos in Long-Range Models of Coupled Oscillators

Europhysics Letters 85 (2009) 10007



S.Privitera, S. Tudisco, L.Lanzanò, F.Musumeci, A.Pluchino, A.Scordino et al.

Single Photon Avalanche Diodes: Towards the Large Bidimensional Arrays

Sensors (2008) 8, 4636-4655; DOI: 10.3390/s8084636



S. Tudisco, S.Privitera, L.Lanzanò, F.Musumeci, A.Pluchino, A.Scordino et al.

The new generation of SPAD: Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes arrays

Il Nuovo Cimento - DOI 10.1393/ncc/i2008-10266-8 - Online First (2008)



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, V.Latora

Communities recognition in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem by dynamical clustering algorithms based on different oscillator systems

Eur. Phys. J. B 65, 395-402 (2008)




A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Tsallis

A closer look at the indications of q-generalized Central Limit Theorem behavior in quasi-stationary states of the HMF model

Physica A 387 (2008) 3121–3128



A.Pluchino and A.Rapisarda

Nonergodicity and central limit behavior for systems with long-range interactions

Paper presented at the International SPIE Conference on Complex Systems, 5-7 December 2007, Canberra, Australia



A.Pluchino and A.Rapisarda

Anomalous diffusion and quasistationarity in the HMF model

American Institute of Physics conference proceedings 965 (2007) p.129



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda, S.Boccaletti

Modules identification by a Dynamical Clustering algorithm based on chaotic Rössler oscillators

American Institute of Physics conference proceedings 965 (2007) p.323



F.Caruso, A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda, S.Vinciguerra

Self-Organized Criticality and earthquakes

American Institute of Physics conference Proceedings 965 (2007) p. 281



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda, C.Tsallis

Nonergodicity and Central Limit Behavior in Long-range Hamiltonians

Europhysics Letters 80 (2007) 26002



C.Tsallis, A.Rapisarda, A.Pluchino, E.P.Borges

On the non-Boltzmannian nature of quasi-stationary states in long-range interacting systems

Physica A 341, 143-147 (2007)



S.Boccaletti, M.Ivanchenko, V.Latora, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Detection of Complex Networks Modularity by Dynamical Clustering

Physical Review E 75 (2007) 045102(R)



F.Caruso, A.Pluchino, V.Latora, S.Vinciguerra, A.Rapisarda

A new analysis of Self-Organized Criticality in the OFC model and in real earthquakes

Physical Review E 75 (2007) 055101(R)



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Compromise and Synchronization in Opinion Dynamics

Eur. Phys. J. B 50 (2006) 169



A.Pluchino, S.Boccaletti, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Opinion dynamics and synchronization in a network of scientific collaborations

Physica A 372 (2006) 316



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Metastability in the Hamiltonian Mean Field model and Kuramoto model

Physica A 365 (2006) 184



F.Caruso, V.Latora, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda and B.Tadic

Olami-Feder-Christensen Model on different Networks

Eur. Phys. J. B 50 (2006) 243-247



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Effective spin-glass Hamiltonian for the anomalous dynamics of the HMF model

Physica A 370 (2006) 573



A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Glassy dynamics and nonextensive effects in the HMF model: the importance of initial conditions

Progress in Theoretical Physics Supplement 162 (2006) 18




Metastability, nonextensivity and glassy dynamics in a class of long-range Hamiltonian models

P.h.D. Thesis (2005)



A.Rapisarda, A.Pluchino

Nonextensive Thermodynamics and Glassy behaviour in Hamiltonian systems

Europhysics News, 36 (2005) 202



A.Rapisarda, A.Pluchino

Reply to the Comment by T. Dauxois, F. Bouchet, S. Ruffo on the paper by A. Rapisarda and A. Pluchino,

Europhysics News, 36 (2005) 202



S.Fortunato, V.Latora, A.Pluchino, A.Rapisarda

Vector Opinion Dynamics in a Bounded Confidence Consensus Model

Int. Jour. Mod. Phys. C 16 (2005) 1535



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Changing Opinions in a Changing World: a New Perspective in Sociophysics

Int. Jour. Mod. Phys. C (2005) vol.16, no.4



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Metastability and anomalous behavior in the HMF Model: connections to nonextensive thermodynamics and glassy dynamics

Published in the Proceedings of the International conference "Complexity, Metastability and Nonextensivity", July 20-26 2004, Erice, Sicily - World Scientific (2005)



A.Pluchino, G.Andronico, A.Rapisarda

A Monte Carlo Investigation of the Hamiltonian Mean Field Model

Physica A 349 (2005) 143



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Glassy dynamics in the HMF model

Physica A 340 (2004) 187



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Glassy phase in the Hamiltonian Mean Field model

Physical Review E 69(2004) 056113



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Dynamical anomalies and the role of initial conditions in the HMF model

Physica A 338 (2004) 60-67



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Metastable states, anomalous distributions and correlations in the HMF model

Physica D 193 (2004 ) 315-328



A.Pluchino, V.Latora, A.Rapisarda

Dynamics and Thermodynamics of a model with long-range interactions

Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics (2004) 16:245-255

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