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A selection of  press articles, interviews & talks covering the

IG Nobel prize 2010 for Management given to

Alessandro Pluchino , Andrea Rapisarda and Cesare Garofalo


for demonstrating mathematically that organizations would become more

efficient if they promoted people at random.


Here  the original  paper -- Here  further links and supplementary material


NEW ! star Here interesting Altmetric info about this paper star

NEW ! star Most popular paper ever published in Physica A - Editorial 2018 star

starNew paper on Efficient Parliament and  randomly selected politicians -  Physica A 390 (2011) 3944 star


starNew paper  on Efficient random  strategies  Physica A 390 (2011) 3496 star

locandina-ignobel2010 PALCO improbable-small top25

The Official video of the XX IG Nobel prize ceremony


Our IG Nobel photo album

A  personal short video of the ceremony  with our acceptance speech


Browse  info  on all IG Nobel prize winners (iphone/ipad itunes app) (NEW)



A real successful experiment: the case of Ricardo Semler and his SEMCO company star

Italian press

International press Videos and  interviews
Geo Rai 3 starstarstar (21.09.2017)
Sole24 ore su J.Barrow (ottobre 2013) star Outer space: a very peculiar principle by J. Barrow (30.08.11) star star star

Talk at Swedish TV


Focus (Maggio 2013) star Big Think (02.12.11) Nova Radio Firenze starstarstar (05.11.2011)
Corriere della Sera (13.1.12)

Pour la Science ed (9/11)  star

Paper by J-P. Delahaye star

RADIO24 - MELOG 2.0 star (04.10.2011)
Quaderni di Management star(09/11) Enterprise Recruitment (8/11) ADNKronos Lab Italia star (22.03.2011)
Bianco Lavoro (23.03.2011) ISGTW star (25.05.2011) Business People (05.02.2011)
Avvenire (07.12.2010)

Financial Times:

L. Kellaway's  Editorial star

KappaeMme star star star (01.12.2010)
La7 (video) (05.12.2010) The Guardian star The Marker Magazine star (03.11.2010)
Nuova Società star Cyprus Mail star Cinco Dias star (30.10.2010)
Sole 24 ore star National Geographic star Nuova Società star star star (25.10.2010)
Galileo  star The New York Times Panorama Economy star (20.10.2010)
ANSA star

Le Scienze

Telecolor Buongiorno Sicilia star

Moebius on linestar Fox News Telecolor star
La Stampa New Scientist TG3 Sicilia ore 14.00 star (06.10.2010)
La Repubblica star Psycology Today Step1 star star star
La Sicilia Vivere star
British Medical Journal Video Regione
City Il Corriere Der Tagesspiegel
L'Unità Sunday's Zaaman
Blitz quotidiano Publico

Plus Magazine

National Geographic

(Italia) star

La Gazzetta del mezzogiorno

(News in English)


The Economic Times (India) star

The New Zealand Herald star
Experimentarium - Danish TV
La Provincia All Africa
PiùVoce.net Expresso
Oggimedia Globo
Parma Oggi Voces/a
Catania Notizie El Mundo RadioMonteCarlo (17.10.2010)
Science Backstage Le Figaro Radio Catania star (11.10.2010)
Virgilio Notizie Le Monde Radio2 Brave Ragazze
Zeus News Videnskab Dk Radio 24
Gravità zero Wired Radio DeeJay
QNM The Canadian Press Radio2 Caterpillar
e-linux The Telegraph
Radio  Capital
Style Yahoo News

Network World
Aerospace Software
The Gazette
Cambridge day

The Chronicle
The Washington Post
Blogs Calgary Herald

Surrey Physics Blog The National Student
Climateer investing New York Post
The last word on nothing star
Business Daily
Risorse umane ed organizzazioni
Fast Company
FRC star Physics Buzz
Blog di Andrea Magnani star
Cortical Hemming... star
Beppe.Grillo.it star Eslob
www.militari.info star Hoop China
FINeXdesign star Hunan Gov
Songs from the wood star Philstar.com
Area Wide News The wiseworld observer

Click here for a  website where you can find several examples (around the world) where lotteries have been used with success,  - mantained by Conall Boyle star


*The star  indicates a very  interesting article/interview


In 2000 the IG Nobel prize was assigned to Andrey Geim and Michael Berry

for an experiment on the levitation of a frog....

See here  Michael Berry's page on his IG Nobel  prize

Andrey Geim won this year also the Nobel Prize for Physics



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