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Written by Andrea Rapisarda   
Monday, 18 October 2010 06:04




  In our Peter principle study we have found that a certain amount of randomness helps the efficiency of an organization and eliminates the negative effects of the diffusion of incompetence. We have often  been asked if someone has ever been so brave to put in practice a similar strategy....well we have just discovered that a real example exists and it is a very  successful one: this is the case of Ricardo Semler and his SEMCO company.

Ricardo Semler transformed his family company into a world leader company  by applying his innovative management strategy based on democratic participation and job rotations (the equivalent of our random promotion strategy)  going even beyond the results we have found.

He has written also very sussessful books on his experience studied also at Harvard Business School and MIT (see video)  




The Success Story Behind the

World's Most Unusual Workplace             


The Seven-Day Weekend:

Changing the Way Work Works                                                    



Un link italiano su questa esperienza di successo


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