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Written by Salvatore Costa   

Events, including Seminars, are created via a computerized Department Agenda. After accessing the Agenda from the left-side menu, choose the appropriate category, login into the system and click on one of the links of the menu "Add Event".

Note that the login is into the Agenda system, not into your home directory or your mailbox. Therefore, you must first be registered as a user of the Agenda system. Registration is needed only once at the beginning. To register, click here or connect to the Agenda and then try to create an Event as illustrated above, then in the screen where username and password (which you don't have yet) are requested use the function "If you don't have an account, you can create one here". After receiving confirmation of the registration by the system administrator (currently Rita Ricceri) you will be able to create new Events.
Everybody, instead, can view existing Events.

The Agenda automatically constitutes an archive of the Events created.

Creating a Seminar automatically triggers the sending of an e-mail announcing the Seminar to the mail list events, which includes the mail lists dfa and studenti, as well as a small group of scholars of other Departments or Research Agencies interested in knowing about our Events and Seminars. (The list events is an evolution of the former list seminars, renamed because it is used to announce not only Seminars but also other Events such as Conferences, Schools, Workshops. The seminars list apparently still exists, but in reality it is just an alias pointing to events). All three mail lists are  moderated, thus the announcement is not automatically forwarded to the recipients, but must first be authorized by the list moderator. The usual path of the announcement is the following: the moderator authorizes forwarding to the members of the events list. This way the message gets to the small group of interested scholars and to the lists dfa and studenti, which however are moderated in turn. The moderator always authorizes forwarding to the dfa list members, but authorizes or denies forwarding to the studenti list members based on the type of Seminar being announced. The moderator of all three lists is currently Salvatore Costa, plus the Department's Director for the list dfa and Giuseppe Angilella for the list studenti. If the creator of an Seminar has a clear opinion as to whether or not the associated announcement should reach the students, s/he should explicitly say so to Salvatore Costa by sending him an e-mail PRIOR to creating the Seminar.

Some suggestions for the creation of a Seminar:

  1. From the menu "Add Event" choose the type "Lecture".
  2. In the form that appears to enter the Seminar information, create first the speaker (by clicking the button NEW in the Speaker line, and only after exiting the speaker creation sub-form (by clicking its OK button) fill the other fields with the Seminar information. Refrain from selecting the Speaker from the available pull-down list. Create it anew, instead. Because of a software bug, the format of the 'Speaker' line in the Announcement email would otherwise look awkward.
  3. Check all data before clicking OK in the Seminar-creation form.
  4. When you click OK in the Seminar-creation form the automatic mail announcement is sent to the events list and cannot be modified anymore.
  5. In case you need to modify the Seminar information later, modifications can be made in the Agenda at any time, but a new e-mail announcement is NOT generated anymore, thus the creator should send a manually-written e-mail to the list events where s/he describes the changes. This e-mail will be treated exactly as any other one arriving to events, that is it will be moderated as described above.

Seminar room reservation is to be done in the usual way by contacting the Teaching Secretariat (Mrs. Patrizia Strano or Mrs. Giovanna Cottone). Mrs. Patrizia Strano can also create Seminars on the Agenda on behaf of requestors, if a requetor cannot or does not feel up to the task yet.

Requestors who whish to create Seminars or other Events on the Agenda themselves and have applied for registration to the system as Users, while waiting for the registration confirmation by the system administrator or while are still practicing  with the system can also request the creation of the desiderd Seminar or Event personally to Salvatore Costa, by sending him an e-mail with the Seminar or Event information.

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